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04 Mar 2023

Atomic commits made easy

Code complexity is something we all deal with in our daily work. There are many tools to helps us manage it. One of the most important one is to make incremental changes where each change is about one and one context alone , which is a great definition of an atomic commit. I do not think I need to convince you about its benefits any further than what I already have alluded to above, which is worth repeating here: It helps us contain complexity within our code base. In pursuit of making it easy for me to do atomic commits, I settled down following workflow:

Having armed with above convention, I incorporated following tools to help me to make atomic commits easy:

I am not going to repeat what the excellent blog talked about above tools here, but it is worth checking it out, and I highly recommend it. If you happen to use Emacs, here is how you add it to your config:

;; clone above repo in to ~/repos and eval following code
(load-file "~/repos/commit-patch/commit-patch-buffer.el")
(eval-after-load 'diff-mode
  '(require 'commit-patch-buffer nil 'noerror))

With above configuration, you can M-x vc-diff a file (vc-root-diff for whole project) then kill, split or edit the resulting hunks using diff mode's built-in commands and to then hit C-c C-c to commit the patch. Later if you realized that your commit is not atomic, you can make further changes and amend previous commit by C-c C-C (note the upper case C).

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