01 Aug 2021

Why Eshell? - Part 5

One of the feature of Eshell that took me sometime to really appreciate is its built-in ability to emulate Plan9 smart Shell. It allows you to run a script or a command, run it again by just hitting enter key after you modify it, say you made a mistake or want to change part of it using Emacs editing power. You might say that you can do same thing in any terminal using your up arrow key and command line editing. But I challenge you to try it until you fully realize the advantage you have vs regular terminal. Below is a simple screen recording to show you what I mean:


I recommend you read following post to learn more about smart shell and more about eshell including aliases:

This concludes my `Why Eshell` series. Hope you find it useful and happy Eshelling!

Tags: eshell emacs