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05 Feb 2022

Automate OpenBSD anonymous public wifi log in

Security is somewhat cat and mouse game. This does not mean however you be careless or just live with what you are handed to when it comes to protecting yourself from ill-intentioned actors out in the wild. Generally, I recommend choosing security over convenience, speed or shiny features for your offline and online computing needs. To start with, you are much better protected if you start using secure defaults of the system you are using. For example, Firefox has HTTPS-Only Mode that you can enable especially if you find yourself using public wifi. If you happen to use OpenBSD, you are in a treat :). Below bash script will allow you to log in to public wifi using random MAC addresses each time you connect to it: NOTE: iwm0 is the wireless card name on my laptop and you need to replace it with yours.

#!/usr/bin/env bash

doas ifconfig iwm0 up
sleep 3
echo Wireless card is up

if [[ -z "$pass" ]]; then
    doas ifconfig iwm0 nwid "$ssid" lladdr random
    echo Joining public $ssid
    doas ifconfig iwm0 nwid "$ssid" wpakey "$pass"
    echo Joining private $ssid

sleep 3

doas dhcpleasectl iwm0

echo Renewing inet address
sleep 3

echo Visiting to test connection
proxy=$(curl -s -L -I -o /dev/null -w '%{url_effective}'

firefox $proxy

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