06 Jun 2021

On programming style

I am pretty excited to learn that Strange Loop is happening this year! It is one of the few technical conference that I always recommend to my fellow teammates. What is more exciting are the sessions including few keynotes. What this has to do with the topic of the blog post, which is on programming style, you say? If you squint at the sessions, the author of Exercises in Programming Style is the first keynote speaker. It is one of the best book on programming I have ever read in recent years. I am not going to spoil it here with summary or gist but I'd like share few take home points I really liked about the book.

I strongly recommend the book to both novice or pros alike. It is a book that you rarely see in terms of style and clarity with full working code. We really need this kind of books more to have programming accessible and understood by more people. I do believe it is a classic. If you are planning to attend Strange Loop, remember to say hello and thank her for it.

Tags: books